Monday, March 3, 2008

Dashboards in Microsoft Access

For all the helpful posts on this blog, we trust you won't mind a few shameless adverts as well. We just released Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access. If you've ever had to mess with numerous queries just to get a count of customers, a total of revenue, or other key business metrics, Dashboard Builder is for you!

This was a treat to develop. It can take data from any Access table, linked MySQL Server table, or Microsoft SQL Server table, and quickly sum, count, or average the resulting data set.

And since it's compatible with Access 2000-2007 runtime editions, you can give the boss visibility into KPIs without making them pay for the full version of Access.

A free 10-day evaluation copy is available for download on our site:

10+ things you should do before building a custom Access database

A good post from TechRepublic blog 10+ Things about steps to take before you create a custom Access database: