Friday, August 14, 2009

Create Microsoft Access Forms

We've just released our newest version of Designer for Microsoft Access. Version 3.0 features automatic MS Access forms creation.

After the success of our first product, UI Builder, we found that most Access users never intend to become database architects, and would prefer to just get on with using their database. Thus, we created Designer to make it far easier to build Access database tables and relationships using a plain-English Q&A style wizard. Over and over, Designer customers would tell us, "you're product is great, but how do I create data entry forms that will show all the information in one place." So we went back to work on Designer to solve that problem, too.

The new Designer creates tables and relationships automatically, and then creates forms with a "header" section that displays many records as a list, and then a bottom section that contains related records from other tables. For example, if you have a "Patients" form that displays a list of all patients in your database, the bottom section of the form Designer creates can display related appointments, emergency contacts, prescriptions, visits, and notes.

What Microsoft Access problems are you trying to solve? We love a challenge, especially if many Access users will benefit!

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