Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Microsoft Access 2010 Preview: Ribbon Customization

One of the key criticisms of Access 2007 was the new ribbon. Gone was the familiar command bar, and with it, many thousands of hours work by the Access developers that came to rely on the command bar as the main user menu.

Microsoft has invested in making life a bit easier for the everyday user that wants to customize the ribbon without custom code or the nice (free no less) utility Claton Hendricks created.

As you can see in the screenshot from the Office 2010 Tech Preview, you can create custom ribbon tabs and groups. In the preview, it doesn't appear that you'll be able to change any of the packaged ribbon tabs and groups, though.

Stay tuned for more on Access 2010 Web Form design and other enhancements...


grovelli said...

Claton Hendricks site expired on Aug 12 2009 11:51PM

accesspro said...

Well that's very interesting! Thanks for the reply. I would imagine it is because there will be less need of the add-in in 2010!

Donn Edwards said...

Can Access 2010 get rid of the ribbon bar altogether and replace it with menus?

How about in Access 2007? I find the ribbon bar completely unusable for user applications.

accesspro said...

No menus, sadly. You can hide the ribbon in Access 2007. Here is the link for instructions:
MSDN tip

That's a big reason why UI Builder for Microsoft Access has been very successful, it gives you back a more sensible navigation model in Access (not 100% like the toolbars of old, of course).